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Yes, raccoon penis bones, cleaned and sanitized for your whatever.

Ummm. Wow. Ok. Sure.

I am just confused by the teenage boy on the cover.

Morticians have a strange sense of humor, but then I guess you would have to.

OTG. I was afraid I was the only one who worried about that.

Come on Barbie, let's get wasted.

Yes, dollhouse sized, because sometimes Ken just rolls over and goes to sleep.

And it comes with free 2 day Prime shipping.

I thought this was a sex toy at first. Now I am just confused.

Ain't nobody got time for saggy face.

I just like the thoughtful expressions on her face. It's like she's having a religious experience.

Cuz just cuz you have sex with other men don't mean you gay...

Dollhouse sized, because Redneck Barbie needs a gutted deer hanging in her garage.

But I already have such a hard time just pretending you're a human...

You can tell by the kid's expression that babies love jello wrestling with Dad.

They should actually market this as a zombie hermaphrodite geriatric sex doll. I am sure there is a huge market for that.

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Now the world will know that you love Nick Cage as much as he loves himself.

This is so many shades of WTF I don't even know where to start.

Because Basic Geri needs a friend, with swappable sex organs.

If you've ever had a sexual fantasy about Donald Trump's limbless bald torso, now's your chance!

For those times when 55 gallons of lube is not enough.

I can't imagine who needs 55 gallons of lube.

It's a 12 pack of WTF?

Everyone needs a mankini in their life.

Don't they look like they are out caroling or something?

It's a portable "milking machine" and definitely not a masturbation device despite what you saw on pornhub.