Helpful tool of the day IFTTT (If This Then That)

It's a free automation tool that allows you to create workflows to automate a lot of tasks. I use it to automatically post designs to multiple social media accounts. For instance, I can post to Tumblr and it will automatically post from there to Twitter, Pinterest, my FB Page, Flickr, Blogger and Reddit.

The only shortcoming is that it isn't really flexible, so my posts tend to look very copy and paste, but on some of the sites you can edit the post to customize it. It just makes it quicker because the post will already be there and you can edit instead of having attach the photo over and over.

Also, due to the way Instagram is designed, they don't expose their API so you can only post to Instagram from Instagram. You can however use Instagram as the source for posting to the others, but I chose Tumblr because from my Threadless product page there is already a Tumblr icon.
So I can just go to the product page, select the color of tshirt I want, click Tumblr and paste the url into the caption. I then designed the IFTTT apps to take the URL from the caption and use that as the link for the post on the other sites.

It's semi complicated but if anyone is interested I can answer any questions you have in the comments.
 Some of the IFTTT Apps I created to autopost.