I am so tired of Conservatives owning the term "patriot".

My definition of patriot means doing things like paying taxes so your country can function and criticizing your country's government when it does something wrong, because you want it to be better. It means protecting its natural beauty for future generations and respecting all the people that make it diverse and strong. It means respecting the ideals that it was founded on.

When people talk about fighting and dying for symbols like the flag, I don't get it. It's just a piece of cloth. It's the things it represents that matter, but Conservatives act like it's a magical idol of some kind.

To me it's like calling yourself a Christian and then just worshiping the cross and treating it like an idol without actually believing in anything it stands for. Like making sacrifices to the cross and decorating on high holy days and parading it around. That's idol worship.

If someone died for the flag, I find that really sad. Because it's just a piece of cloth. It's the people, the freedoms and the land and natural beauty that matter.

If you are more upset at someone burning a flag than killing a Bald Eagle, or a fellow human being, you are a pathetic patriot.